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About PLVC

Parkway Lightning Volleyball Club (PLVC) was formed during the fall of 1995 to promote junior volleyball in West St. Louis county.  Beginning with just three junior girls' teams, the club has steadily expanded each year and now includes teams that have successfully competed at the National level.

As a member of USA Volleyball's Gateway Region, PLVC's objectives are to develop player skills, teamwork, and personal confidence.   Our teams are known for their great enthusiasm for volleyball, pride in the quality of their play and team comradeship - as well as a competiveness tempered by graciousness and a true sense of sportsmanship.

Parkway Lightning Volleyball Club name originates from the initials of the Parkway High School mascots: 

South -    Patriots

West -     Longhorns

North -    Vikings

Central -  Colts 


Parkway Lightning Volleyball Club is not affiliated with the Parkway School district.