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About PLVC


Parkway Lightning Volleyball Club (PLVC) was formed during the fall of 1995 to promote junior volleyball in West St. Louis county.  Beginning with just three junior girls' teams, the club has steadily expanded each year and now includes teams that have successfully competed at the National level.


Parkway Lightning Volleyball Club is a competitive club with a main focus on developing strong women with a good sense of character. While volleyball is the reason the club’s athletes join together, a distinctive focus is placed into growing good people as well. All PLVC coaches share this mentality and each team works towards developing both skilled volleyball players and empowered women.


The first letters of Parkway Lightning Volleyball Club are also the first letters of the Parkway High School mascots: 

South -    Patriots
West -     Longhorns
North -    Vikings
Central -  Colts 

Diversity Statement

Parkway Lightning Volleyball Club (PLVC) is committed to creating an inclusive environment that provides equal opportunity. We will not tolerate discrimination based on gender, race, national origin, sexual orientation or any other defining characteristic. We will make every effort to ensure all athletes, staff, and fans feel safe and welcome as part of our teams.

As an organization, PLVC supports the following USA Volleyball Shared Core Values:

Every volleyball participant has their own Path to the Podium, and we at USA Volleyball strive to provide a lifetime of opportunities for all to participate in a safe, positive and fun environment. As team members and stewards of the sport, we share these core values:

  • We are one team – We exemplify the same team spirit as the players on the court as we work together and trust each other to aspire for excellence and fulfill our mission.
  • Home court advantage – We create and work in a respectful and supportive environment that values and empowers every team member.
  • Together we win – We collaborate and communicate in an open, innovative and solution-oriented manner, making us strong, creative and engaged.
  • Gold standard – We are accountable to ourselves, to each other and to the organization as we share a common vision.

USA Volleyball is committed to and works toward opportunity for all to participate. It is an advocate for all Americans-endeavoring to assure universal access to opportunities at all levels of the game.

Thus USA Volleyball will diligently:

  • Work to provide ample opportunity, quality opportunity and equality of access for every resident of this diverse nation.
  • Act to expand opportunity for under-represented groups and aggressively recruit participation from those groups.
  • Make its daily decisions concerning resources, players, coaches, officials, administrators, and employees on the basis of individual merit and excellence of performance regardless of age, class, ancestry, color, national origin, race, religious creed, disability or handicap, gender, or sexual orientation.
  • Exercise its corporate will to encourage constituent organizations to act in accordance with the foregoing principles.

USA Volleyball believes that volleyball has so many positive things to offer those who participate. First, and most importantly, whether one is a gifted athlete or a recreational player, volleyball is FUN! It is a lifetime sport enjoyed by players from 8 to 80. Participation in volleyball is not only good exercise, but also involves team cooperation and spirit. We are committed to introducing our sport to all of America.


Parkway Lightning Volleyball Club is not affiliated with the Parkway School district. 

PLVC is a member of USA Volleyball (USAV), Junior Volleyball Association (JVA), and Amateur Athletic Union (AAU).