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PLVC Staff

PLVC Coaching Staff

Coach Title Team
Ellie Aboussie-Ashley Head Coach 15 Maroon
Kalah Collins Assistant Coach 14 Maroon
Mary Colombo Assistant Coach 11 adidas
Lisa Foust Floating Coah All
Lindsay Fuller Head Coach, Technical Director 14 adidas
Claire Jones Assistant Coach (Student) 14 Maroon
Jenna Klein Head Coach 15 adidas
Denny Knolhoff Head Coach 16 Maroon
Jim Kruger Assistant Coach 13 Marooon
Chris Macky Head Coach 13 adidas
Jessica Martin Assistant Coach, Club Director 14 adidas
John McCanna Assistant Coach 16 Maroon
Cassie McKee Assistant Coach 15 Maroon
Jim Mueller Head Coach 13 Maroon
Mayghen Mugele Head Coach 14 Maroon
Megan Murray Assistant Coach 13 adidas
Carl Navales Assistant Coach 16 Maroon
Jan Oberle Head Coach 11 adidas
Liz McCanna Assistant Coach 14 adidas
Halle Swan Assistant Coach 12 adidas
Heather Swan Head Coach 12 adidas
Matt Swan Photographer All
Dee Tabing Assistant Coach 15 adidas
Kathy Thoele Assistant Coach 10s Program, 16 adidas
Ken Thoele Head Coach 10s Program, 16 adidas


In addition to our full time coaches, PLVC now offers floating coaches. These coaches are available for assisting with our existing teams, running skills clinics, and providing additional instruction to players. All coaches are registered with USAV and are SafeSport certified.