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After Tryouts


It is Sunday night and tryout weekend is over - now what?  

If you have received an offer from your team of choice, call your coach to accept that offer as soon as possible! Your coach will give you information on your next steps. 

If you have been told that you are an alternate, you are in a "wait and see" position. The alternate position means that the athlete does not have a firm offer from the team, but that the athlete is going to be the first, second, or third player that the coach will call if a player who has been offered a position decides to play for another team.

If the athlete has not been offered a position, wait until Sunday evening. Sometimes coaches exhaust their list of alternate players and begin looking to those athletes that attended tryouts, but were not offered a firm or alternate position. 

It's Monday and an athlete has not heard from a team: If the athlete has a very strong desire to play, place an add on the Gateway Region website as a player looking for a team. There are teams that will be looking for players as the season gets started. Continue to check the Gateway Region website for tryouts. Several teams may have a second tryout or new team may be formed.  Stratman Sports also offers developmental and league teams that run during club season.