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PLVC 15 Maroon

Welcome to 15 Maroon!

Practice Times & Locations

Tuesdays: Parkway Northeast Middle - 8:00-10:00pm
181 Coeur De Ville Drive, Creve Coeur, MO 63141

Thursdays: The Pointe at Ballwin Commons - 6:00-8:00pm
#1 Commons Circle, Ballwin, MO 63021


PLVC 15 Maroon will not be accepting waivered players.


Name: Ellie Aboussie-Ashley

Coaching Experience: 2 years at PLVC; 9 years at University City High School, 1 year John Burroughs Middle School, Assistant Coach Westminster College 2 years

USAV Certification Level: IMPACT certified, SafeSport certified

Playing Experience: I've been playing volleyball since I was in 2nd grade; 4 years Oakville Senior High, 6 years club volleyball, Adult USAV Player 8 years

Occupation: Travel Consultant with Maritz Travel

Coaching Philosophy: I believe each athlete plays an important role in the success of a team.  Each player has responsibilities whether they are on or off the court, at practice or during a game.  I believe not every win is a win, and not every loss is a loss, and whether we do something well or we struggle there is always an opportunity to learn something about ourselves and the sport.  I believe practices are opportunities to work on fundamentals, develop new skills, and build trust with teammates.  The TEAM must work together to grow together, and practice time is the gift in which each athlete has the opportunity to become a better, well-rounded athlete.  Coaches and athletes must strive to do our best so we may become the best.

Name: Claire Jones

Coaching Experience: 2 year PLVC Student Assistant Coach; 1 year 6th Grade Rockwood-Parkway Community Ed Team

USAV Certification Level: IMPACT Certified; SafeSport Certified

Occupation: Student

Name: Cassie McKee

Coaching Experience: 1st year with PLVC

USAV Certification Level: IMPACT certified, SafeSport certified

Playing Experience: I've been playing volleyball since elementary school and have been involved on several school, club, and community teams.

Occupation: Transportation Engineer for Crawford, Murphy, & Tilly

Coaching Philosophy: One of my main goals is to create a sense of community among teammates. Groups, in sports and otherwise, are better at accomplishing goals when there is trust and respect among members. I believe players must have a solid grasp on the fundamentals to be successful, and that making time for fundamentals is vital to improving. Overall, sports are meant to be fun, and I want players to enjoy what they do, but we as athletes and coaches should also take pride in putting in the hard work it takes to get better.

Ellie Aboussie-Ashley, Head Coach

Claire Jones, Assistant Coach (Student)